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Guys, here's the ultimate bouquet (imagine the look on your sweetheart's face at this..maybe someone should start a biz).  For perspective, I'm flying in front of the lower left flower.

This next build was one of my favorites. The color and movement is spectacular.  The creator owns a store where he sells fractal art and clothing. I'm not in world at the moment but I believe his name is Kenneth Tarantal (the spelling is likely wrong on that, so my apologies). There's just something about being surrounded by light and color while listening to music that almost sparkles itself.

From there, I ventured inside one of those mysterious boxes and found myself under the sea:

Another of the mysterious boxes with an absolutely stunning interior...

Others have blogged this incredible, immense stage. I have to agree with everyone else on how amazing this structure is.

Be sure to click on one of the "pods"... I found myself dancing in flames!

Then I went flying with an immense metal bird:

And my last stop for Burning Life 2009, this elegant structure..where I also happened upon one of the drumming sessions for which Burning Man and BL are so famous:

I guess it's safe to say that no matter how much we suffer at the fickle whims of human nature, one of the safest ways to fill our gaps is through art.