Quickie post tonight...

The Costa Rica sims hosted a Phantom of the Opera masquerade ball tonight, so always being up for an opportunity to dress to the nines, I wanted to go.  While I was frantically surveying xstreet for suitable attire, a notecard from LVS dropped into my hands. 

LVS just introduced a series of 7 gowns based on the 7 Deadly Sins and they are ALL gorgeous.  I couldn't pick just one, so I bought the Vanity and Greed dresses (I wish I had the lindens to buy all of them).

By the time the ball rolled around I had settled on the Vanity gown,  hair from Truth (Wendy in Auburn), and the mask and jewelry from Illusions.

My dancing partner had to bow out early due to a 5 am start to his workday on Sunday, but I stayed until the chandelier crashed.  Unfortunately I have no pics as the Ball was packed and many of the costumed revelers remained greyed out.  I do believe Phantom Republic will have plenty of pictures on his blog as he put the fabulous party together.

After I left this Ball, I headed over to the Agnes Finney sim for yet another Ball.  Being lazy, I wore the same dress, and I won the best dressed female contest!  As most of my friends would attest to, I am entirely too fond of ballgowns (I've never owned one in RL so why not indulge myself in SL?).  One very special friend of mine has nicknamed me "Swishy Skirts" for good reason. *smirks*

So all in all it was a lovely (and profitable) evening.  I kept on the lookout, but I still didn't find the Phantom...

I guess there's always next Halloween... ;)