It is 3:30 am and the rain keeps falling, in more ways than just literally.

I created this blog for reasons that no longer exist.

Back in August, I had a health scare that left me both afraid and angry.  I realized just how meaningless Second Life can be, how for me anyway it had devolved into nothing much more than playing paper dolls, buying pretty things, and spending 99% of my time alone.

I almost quit SL then.  I do alone in RL and do it quite well. 

The scare proved to be a false alarm, but it had me questioning every aspect of my life, including the one you see in pixels.

I recently took a chance and believed in something that turns out to never have existed.  Yesterday I discovered that RL and SL are mirror images.

I had a dream last night that a tornado came and wiped away everything that makes up my life now.

Now as I sit here, I have a tornado in my soul, and my weather radio just broadcast a RL tornado warning not far from where I live.

I won't delete my SL account, but I am walking away from it.  SL was supposed to be my refuge, and the storm wiped that away yesterday.  I have discovered it does not pay to take anyone at face value, to believe in their words.  Their words failed me, and now mine fail me as well.

I suppose it's a good thing this blog was still in its infancy.  It won't be missed much.

Regret is a very cold blanket.