I had a post planned for today, however it seems that subject was a bit too precipitous of me.

Then I thought perhaps I should write about my love of words.  The one constant in my life over the past couple of years has been the power of words.  My ability to write and write with passion and clarity (and occasionally humor) is the one indestructible conceit I allow myself.

Armies have power.  World leaders have power.

But without the written and spoken word, armies and leaders, both good and bad, would not not have any power at all.

Love has power as well, but without the words it is meaningless.  The human mind is fallible after all.  Sometimes we fail to see what is right in front of us or misunderstand the actions of others and then mourn the missed opportunities over a lifetime.

Living in the lands of What If and If Only is heartbreaking. Words are the ticket out of there.  But we are so often afraid to say what we mean and say what we feel because then sometimes we wind up heartbroken anyway.  Those pesky words definitely get in the way, either by being present or unspoken.

But where are the words in Second Life? 

Then I remembered visiting the Burning Life installation in 2008:

And upon closer inspection:

So stark in its simplicity and yet so complex...just like the words themselves.

When I feel most adrift is when the words leave me.

Today is one of those days.  I can't speak of what is truly on my mind.

So instead I will share other loves, of photography and nature.  I will allow the silence to fill this blog today and maybe these photos of mine will bring a moment of peace to those who might need it.

Nature allows us the privilege to enter its world, to admire its beauty, to capture its essence in a nonharmful way and to leave it better for the experience.  I consider it a rare gift for a butterfly or a hummingbird (or a friend) to grace me with its presence.