I was out shopping for a SL TV last night. Who knows? I might suddenly develop a desire (or a reason *wink*) to stay home at my amazing little beach front property in the Costa Rica sims.

So while I was browsing through the store, a video came on the display models.

If you read my last Love Thursday post, I mentioned a love of Big & Rich.  Cowboy Troy tours with Big & Rich, and his video for I Play Chicken with the Train came on. I LOVE this song. I dare anyone not to get up and dance while listening to this song, even if the idea of rapping in country music makes you break out into combustible pustules (I just like the way those two words sound together).

For some odd reason the video glitched and kept playing over and over again for a while. I was happy (especially since Kenny and John are in this video, along with other Muzik Mafia members James Otto, Shannon Lawson, Max Abrams, and more...have had the pleasure of meeting all of these guys many times).

For an even odder reason, I decided to wear that new free skeleton avatar that everyone's been either blogging or wearing or both when I went shopping.

So I give you this...I Play Chicken with the Skeleton Train:

Yes, that is me doing the chicken dance whilst wearing a skeleton avatar.  I've been having a blast the past few days, and I'm finally feeling more like I did before I got so deathly sick in July. The reason for that knows who he is. ;)  Muah!