As a new blogger, I thought I should jump right in feet first.

While I'm not going to be a fashion blogger, per se, I do have certain favorite designers and stores I can't resist visiting.  I don't plan on doing LOTD or providing SLURLs for everything I show, but I will try to at least give the names of the designers for most items.  I'm also a rank noob at SL photography so bear with me while I experiment with lighting. I'd much rather shoot "in the field" than in some sterile green screen studio anyway (not that there's anything wrong with that, but I'm just more of an "organic" photographer).

So what should I talk about for my first Love Thursday?

After getting a surprise delivery from one of my favorite artists in SL (and artist she is), I had to blog this yet to be released creation from Evangeline Miles at Evie's Closet.  This ensemble, known as "Fable" comes in several color variations. The red and black combination is simply stunning:

Notice the adorable little sculptie tie on the bodice? It's finishing touches such as this (and the ruffles across the chest) that really sell an outfit to me.

The dress comes in 3 skirt options. The first is the two-tiered ballgown skirt.

The second is the multi-layered (and gorgeous) ballet skirt.

The third is the lingerie option (I should remember not to shed skirts around leering skull-headed sim guards).

Now for the skinny on the other items--jewelry is a free gift from Kyccie.  This store is going out of business and this set of necklaces, earrings, and belly gems which was to be her Jewelry Expo offering is now a gift.  It's sad to see a designer I just discovered close.  The detail on this set is fabulous.  I'm wearing the Haides & Persephone set in all of these shots.

Boots are the ubiquitous (uBOOTquitous? LOL) creations from Bax. I can't seem to take the things off! Who needs a teddy bear when you snuggle with boots as comfy as these? Everybody's blogged them.  I'm going back for the other colors in about 5 minutes.

Hair is "Peaches" by Truth. Everyone knows Truth. 'Nuff said.  A friend of mine in SL nicknamed me Peaches, so naturally I bought this one.   All of the skins in this post are by Free Speerit (Kimberly in Pale in Abyss and Watermelon).

Locations for the above shots are Omega Point (highly recommend visiting here although there appears to be some reconstruction going on at the moment--you can find it in search) and the second two were taken at the sim owned by the above-mentioned friend who calls me Peaches. 

Now for another ensemble by Evie.  When she has a sale, the place gets packed in a hurry, so naturally I joined the stampede. I already own a large number of her dresses, so I restricted myself to just one purchase, but oh, what a purchase..and for 175L too!

This is the Chimaera ensemble in green (I'm sure it has a fancier color name than that, but I'm not in world to look it up at the moment..bad Lysi).  It just seemed made to swish around in the Alirium Gardens sim (most everything you see in the background is avaiable for sale in the sim's shop).

Hair is by in the "happy blonde" tone.  I know is a new store, but the hair textures are some of the most realistic in SL (and they KNOW how to do redheads.  I love Japanese hair but I think red hair confuses them somewhat as their reds rarely look realistic or even red).  I snagged several hairs during their recent Labor Day sale. 

The only thing I wonder...why do I have so many ballgowns when I never go dancing? LOL

Whilst it's lovely to go swishing through a sun-dappled forest in a ballgown, it's would be better to have company. 

Now, for a RL LOVE_LOVE_LOVE of mine, I'll close out this post with two men who pretty much saved my life a few years ago.  Some people hate them and credit them with destroying country music, but they are two of the funniest, most talented men in the world.  They're best known for the famous/infamous song Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy), but there is so much more to them than that. I've met them on numerous occasions and I consider them family.  Love ya, Kenny and John!

I present to you country music without prejudice..Big & Rich style (and yes, these photographs are my work).

Adam Schoenfeld (guitarist) and Big Kenny

Adam again and John Rich

Coincidentally, Big Kenny's motto is...