I've noticed over the past year and a half that I've been in SL that many people do pictorials of their evolution from noobitude to the incredibly hot avatars they are now. *smirks*

I always find these displays fascinating.  Considering that LL has in recent months at least started offering somewhat better noob starter avi materials, I think it's safe to say that anyone joining SL heretoforward will shudder in complete disgust at the pictures we old-timers post, but hey..I'm going to share mine too!

After perusing my photo album and seeing my earliest efforts at putting an avatar together, I may sleep with the lights on tonight. *shudder*

And away we go...

All you recent SL residents can thank your pixel stars that "system hair" is no longer a torture you will have to bear until you can escape to a freebie store.  This was my first avi after I escaped Orientation Island and started the desperate search to look...less like something from It Came From Outer Space.

Amusing anecdotes:

  • The first time I tried changing a skin, I was HORRIFIED by that blurred face we're all now accustomed to. I thought I'd done something horribly wrong and swore to myself I'd never change skins again! LOL
  • The above picture was taken at Free Dove, which of course still exists but the stock doesn't get refreshed very often.  I did feel like a kid in a candy store there though. 
  • As you'll be able to tell after the next shot, I was rather obsessed with that butterfly chair. I thought it and the purple tree in the background were so pretty.
  • Here I had my first introduction to dressing rooms (or in this case tents) that anyone could just barge into while I was changing.  I think I also had my first stalker there.
  • WTF would ANYONE stalk an avatar that looked like...THAT?  *giggles*
NEXT! (before I find a way to time travel back to smack myself for ever looking like that)

YAY! The helmet hair is gone.  I had already started learning how to tweak my shape (although really, that shape was hopeless).  At least I found a skin that looked less like I had a contagious disease. Whew.  *wipes sweat off brow*  The sad thing is, to this day I still see people wearing this sort of skin and shape, even after they've been in world for months.

I don't think I'm smarter than the average bear, but I found Free Dove because I used this wonderfully cool tool called GOOGLE to search for "free items in Second Life."  I think I figured that out after the first day.  Don't ask me why people are in SL for 6 months or a year and still look/walk like they just fell off the duck truck.    There are so many wonderful blogs dedicated to promoting fabulous items for noobs. Hell, I've even created an alt just for the challenge of never spending one linden on her. She looks pretty darn good too.  Maybe I'll introduce her sometime.

Now for version #3 of myself:

  • I think my avatar had Grave's Disease for a while...look at those bug eyes!  Or maybe I had just seen my first freenis.
  • I don't think I've been that flat-chested since I was 2.  Someone give that avatar a sandwich.
  • By this time I'd found Sirena's hair store (via finding her blog, natch) and bought quite a large amount of it. Yep, I've been a redhead since day 1,  and although I occasionally play around with being blonde or raven-haired, I always come back to the red.  
  • In case you haven't noticed, I also didn't fall into the "blingtard" trap early on.  Of course I had blingy items as the free stuff was full of it, but I didn't want to be mistaken for an airport runway. 


The beginnings of the fashionista? LOL  I loved this dress, and I think I kept it just for nostalgia's sake.  I remember being fascinated with this sim because of the floating particles.

And it took me a while to take that hair off.

Now some progress began to occur:

I changed hair, and my then SL BF bought me my first PAID skin (from Laqroki).  It was and still is a very pretty skin, and I wore it for a fairly long time, just tweaking the shape now and then.

I also started getting a bit better at taking SL pictures around this time.

Yep, still wearing Sirena hair...

Jump ahead a few months...I'd discovered Lemania and overdosed on glamourpuss potion.  I found hair somewhere else (don't remember), picked up my first photorealistic skin from Extreme Reality..and I discovered free photo studios....

I think my dishwasher was backing up when that shot was taken.

And then I found ETD! And Free Speerit! And apparently hadn't yet found a 12 step program for evening gown addictions.

This first free gift skin from Free Speerit led me to own half of her Kimberly line now. -.-  I may venture off to Rockberry and Cupcakes depending on if I need a tone that goes better with blonde or black hair, but I always come back to Free Speerit (my wallet hates me).

Forgive me, Father for I have over-teased...

Yep, it's big and so 80s, but I love this hair.  I'd use it as a blanket in RL if I could.  I'd hug it and squeeze it and call it George.

I need a vacation.

FYI: It's by Calico Ingmann (and another case of the group gifty traps the unsuspecting hair-obsessed avatar in its diabolical clutches).

And finally (hold your applause) we reach the current day...the current incarnation of Lysi.

And I finally hopped on the bandwagon of Truth.  Thank GOD he only does new releases once a week.

  • Skin by Cupcakes
  • Flower Choker by Bliss (who says I can't remember where I bought stuff?)
  • Yes, I'm in a cage in this pic, but I put myself in it. 
  • Location of said cage is Omega Point (good luck finding it..the place is huge)
  • You can't see it but the fabulous outfit is the new pirate outfit by RFyre. It competes with that hair to be my blanket most nights.
And being the self-absorbed, ballgown/hair/boots/beds that make themselves-obsessed fashionista I am, here's a pic of me taken just a moment ago. 

Ok, I lied about not posting LOTD.  This is my LOTD.  Don't expect LOTD every day.

And yes, Marnix, I talk a lot.  You'd talk a lot too if you worked at home and your only companions 24/7 were a rottweiler-attacking chihuahua and a cat who apparently is trying to teach herself to swim in her water dish.

  • Hair:  Maddy by Truth
  • Jacket: Aoharu (everyone's already blogged this jacket..there's a reason why. It's FABULOUS and reasonably priced considering you get the jean jacket or no jeans jacket options with it). It's also fabulous because I didn't have to resize the damn thing. Yay for designers who create for non-glamazons!
  • Jewelry:  Zaara.  The bracelets have been out a while but the amethyst necklace is new. It's a stunner (475L).  Go buy it.  You'll name it George.
  • Boots: Nova (this was a random find in my inventory... I assume the store is still open..love the plum color)
  • Tank top:  PixelDolls (hey, 25L separates sale as we speak..these tanks make great layering pieces)
  • Jeans: Callie Cline Eastern Inspiration jeans..had 'em forever.
  • The conversation set was from a hunt.  It's over now so I don't have to tell you where to find it.
George and I are going to bed now, unless we find something fun to do in SL.