I've been AWOL from SL for the most part for the past few days.

I'll get through the sad part first.  Four pets own me, or shall I say now three pets own me.  I had the unfortunate task of having one of my cats put to sleep yesterday.  He had kidney failure and a couple other things wrong with him that are too graphic to detail here.  Suffice it to say, I am saddened he is gone, but I could not keep him alive in the condition he was in. I have a 17 year old dog, a 15 year old cat, and an 8 year old dog remaining.  I'm not looking forward to losing the remaining two senior citizens in my house.

Hope you're having a great time on the other side of Rainbow Bridge, Jazz.

And for those tightasswads out there who don't believe in the afterlife for pets, go chase your own tail or something.

As for better news, I've moved!  I've lived on the mainland since my earliest days in SL, when I picked up my first 512 and plopped down a tent.

It wasn't much, but it was mine. 

The neighborhood was rather nice to begin with, but almost immediately after I bought my tiny plot, the neighbors who had set up their land so beautifully sold out and moved.  There was a progression of new neighbors, some good, some bad.  I wanted more prims to I slowly started acquring more lots until I wound up with over 8000 sq. m. -.-  Silly me.

Then a neighbor made an offer I couldn't refuse.  He is building a resort on one side of my property, and I had this view on the other side of my house.

Now I do not think of myself as a snob, and I can understand when one is a builder that this construction has to take place somewhere.  I have to draw the line at this though.  The house's roof has been hovering a few feet over the house for MONTHS.  The house's parts do not even match (and yes, people do "live" there), there's furniture in various states of construction (or deconstruction) all over the yard, and yes, even a Cinderella's coach I do believe. Needless to say, they junked up the neighborhood.

Then last week the "FREE HOLY BIBLE" people moved in.  It's a pity there are no zoning laws on the mainland.

I've been eyeballing some plots in the Costa Rica sims for quite some time, and as it so happens, a beautiful piece of property became available last week.  While the tier is rather pricey, it's not going to cost me any more RL money than I was already paying Linden Labs for my maintenance fees, so I figured wth.  It's obviously a successful community, with over 60 sims, a shopping complex, all sorts of recreational activities, and a nightclub soon to open (or so I saw on the Fashion Feed this afternoon).  What's best about it..no more tacky neighbors. 

So without further ado, I said farewell to my old home:

And said hello to my new one:

I'm temporarily recycling my previous beach house from O-Magine Homeworks until I can find a nice villa.

It's still early on in the landscaping process so things are a bit bare, but I love my little corner of tropical paradise.

It was really this waterfall (and its twin right around the corner) that sold me on this lot.  The waterfalls and treed area are all owned by the sim owner, so it will stay exactly as it is. /me hugs her waterfall.

So that's it for now.  I miss my cat. I love my new place.